With our Summer & Online Research Programs, we believe that research-based learning is the next frontier of education


At Torhea, we believe that our value is measured by how well we protect the members of our teams, our families, and our community.

In the battle against COVID-19, we have hosted frequent webinars to help our students better prepare for the impacts from COVID-19; We are distributing face masks in America, Asia, and Europe to help protect members of our teams and their families; We are also converting the incoming summer programs to be fully online. 


Learn more about the steps that we are taking.


Torhea is where student's first research starts. Research is never just about the study of one subject; it often requires a combination of focus, creativity, knowledge, and courage to explore beyond the existing boundaries, all of which are key to success. We are committed to introducing scientific research early into students' learning experience. 


CIS Program

The Cathaypath International Summer (CIS) program invites senior research professors from top universities to guide student research groups through projects for a month in summer.

The well-organized classroom setting and humorous classroom atmosphere greatly improved my interest in the subject and strengthened my goal of continuing to study biology in the future. The professor encourages every student to speak in class, giving everyone the same attention and working to get everyone involved in the classroom. This kind of encouraging classroom environment is hard to find even in the most prestige private schools.

Student from the 2019 CIS program
Online Research

Our online research program is just a more flexible and modern way to conduct research-based learning. Our online learning platform, Qimooc provides a seamless learning experience.

The class is very meaningful to me. The professor is very kind and responsible, and the content of the class is easy to digest. Our teaching assistant is particularly responsible and very helpful in reviewing the content of the class. My classmates come from different countries, which is also a quite interesting experience for me.

Student from a 2019 online program
Many More

We offer a variety of other programs and opportunities that provide an enriching research-based learning experience and help students improve specific areas of research skills.


Since Torhea Education was founded in the US in 2012, we have collaborated with hundreds of renowned professors and witnessed thousands of students learn, grow, and complete their first research projects in the US, Canada, and China (Mainland and Hong Kong). In 2020, we are expanding our programs to India, Singapore, and the UK.

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