CIS Summer Research Program

As Torhea's signature program, the Cathaypath International Summer (CIS) program invites research professors from top universities around the world to guide students through research projects for a summer. Professors will work with our students closely for four weeks, during which students develop essential research skills and kick off their research projects. For 95% of our students, the CIS program represents their first-ever academic research experience in life!


  • The CIS program is a month-long program that offers in-classroom research experience with research professors from the world’s most renowned universities. Students work in research groups of five students, and a professor usually leads four groups.

  • The goal is for students to develop a research proposal, complete data collection, and have a thesis draft. Students generally accomplish the paper 2-3 months after the program with helps from our TA’s and academic writing instructors.

  • The program runs between early-July to mid-August. There are 4 hours of lectures and research sessions followed by 2 hours of office hours every weekday. 

We have identified a number of frequently asked questions from our professors and students.

If your questions are not answered in the FAQ, please feel free to ask us directly.

The well-organized classroom setting and humorous classroom atmosphere greatly improved my interest in the subject and strengthened my goal of continuing to study biology in the future. The professor encourages every student to speak in class, giving everyone the same attention and working to get everyone involved in the classroom. This kind of encouraging classroom environment is hard to find even in the most prestige private schools.

Student from the 2019 CIS program


In the summer of 2019, we hosted over 600 students and 35 professors at the beautiful campus of Zizhu International Education Park in Minhang, Shanghai. We were proud to have Mr. Li Zhaoxing, the former Foreign Minister of China, as the keynote speaker of the CIS program opening ceremony.


2019 is the first time when we implemented the daily office hour idea to the CIS program. The office hour with professors provides students opportunities to spend quality time with professors individually and collectively in research groups.


Earlier of the year, our CIS program was listed as one of the six highly recommended student abroad programs in the education blog of Stanford University’s Dr. Michael Kirst.

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