• Webinars that we host to help our students better prepared for COVID-19, both physically and mentally

Along with many renowned educators in the US, Torhea Education has hosted webinars that are accessible for free to all students, many of whom are from Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Our guest presenters include healthcare experts, economists, sociologist and scientists.


Besides topics around COVID-19, many interesting topics center around the sociological and economic impact of the virus, which has helped our students understand the outbreak and be more prepared, both mentally and physically.


  • Changes that we are making to our summer programs to bring the programs entire online to minimize risks of COVID-19

With the dedication of keeping our professors and students safe and healthy, Torhea Education has decided to convert all the summer onsite programs to be entirely online, via Zoom. We are also providing program scholarships to children of the healthcare workers who fight on the front line against COVID-19. Together, we will win the battle against COVID-19.


As a result of converting our programs online, the CIS Summer Research Program has been extended to 6 weeks from 4 weeks, and the daily sessions will be reduced to 4 hours per day, to accommodate for the time differences.


Similarly, the Combined Summer Program has been extended to 3 weeks from 2 weeks, with the daily research seminar sessions (last three weeks of the program) being reduced to 4 hours per day.

In addition to these structural changes, our team is offering summer program scholarships to the children of the doctors and nurses who are fighting on the front line against COVID-19. 

  • Sharing masks with our professors and first responders

No one was ever fully prepared to face difficult situations like the one created by COVID-19. In the Torhea family, we believe that our true value is measured by how well we protect the members of our family and our community.

Dedicating in protecting our people, Torhea Education has donated over 5,000 face masks to our professors around the world and first responders in our local communities, including police stations and fire stations, across multiple cities in the US and China.

For more information, updates, and advice about COVID-19, please visit https://carey.jhu.edu/covid-19-updates.

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