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More Programs

Data Science Training Workshop

The ability to collect, store, and analyze data is crucial for the success of scientific researches, and it is equally pivotal for the success of one's career.

Data is the key to discover patterns, insights, and truth. The collection, transformation, analysis, and presentation of data is at the center of any scientific research projects. 

Meanwhile, Accenture found that more than 90 percent of its clients planned to hire people with data science expertise, but more than 40 percent of them cited a lack of talent as the number one problem.

We aim to bring cutting-edge data science training concepts to our students and to-be data professionals by providing online courses. The courses are designed by data educators in the US, data scientists, and other data practitioners. Our team is also collaborating with universities to develop courses that are accredited. Details of the course offerings can be found on the Torhea Online Learning Hub. 

Research Mentorship with Distinguished Scholars

There is nothing more rewarding and memorable than working at an actual scientific research laboratory and learning on a daily basis with experienced research scholars.

We are working with distinguished researchers and scholars to provide students with internship opportunities in research laboratories. As research assistants, students work side-by-side with seasoned researchers and professors. 

The program is generally 1-5 months in length. Students stay at a university just like any research assistants and university students. Students work in the research labs every day to help researchers in one or multiple projects. At the meantime, students may also have the opportunity to propose their own research topics and potentially use the lab as their own playground. 

The program participants are by-invitation only, and we select students based on their academic accomplishments, research experience, writing skills, and leadership skills. 

1-on-1 Online Research Mentorship

An advanced scientific research program for graduate students who have research directions or are working on research paper. 

The one-on-one online research mentorship program provides students who are advanced in research with ten-hour mentorship opportunities with a seasoned researcher. Students are expected to have a research idea or have a work-in-progress research project.

Most of the program participants are selected college students and graduate students. Most of these students have ambitious plans for their academic careers as they prepare to apply for Ph.D. programs.

During the ten hours, a participating student will spend quality time with a professor to discuss the research, receive constructive feedback, and bring the research paper to the next level.


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