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The Torhea Online Research program was launched in 2017 in our pursuit of delivering research-based learning to more students in more regions, without geographic limitations. The Online Research program is hosted three times during the school year. By 2022, the program will produce more student research topics than the CIS program.


  • We host online research programs throughout the year. With our in-house developed online course management platform, our professors can start a research course whenever they are available and ready to help guide our students through an exciting research journey.

  • An online research session hosts fifteen students in three research groups. The program is 24 hours across eight weeks: 3 hours/week lectures in the first four weeks followed by another four weeks of research seminars. Each course will be assigned a TA to help coordinate the online sessions and help students with their research projects. The TA will also provide 1 hour of an additional session after the professor's session.


The success of our programs is only evident from the feedback of our professors and students, and we have received very positive feedback since 2017. One professor commented that the online program "is a fabulous experience... I am very proud of the progress [the students] did in these eight weeks, and the TA is great too."

The class is very meaningful to me. The professor is very kind and responsible, and the content of the class is easy to digest. Our teaching assistant is particularly responsible and very helpful in reviewing the content of the class. My classmates come from different countries, which is also a quite interesting experience for me.

Student from a 2019 online program


We have a simple but ambitious goal: to bring research-based learning to more students in more regions. To achieve that, we are focusing on the online education delivery model. Our online research programs are conducted via Zoom. To better coordinate the joint research writing efforts between students and professors, we have also adopted Overleaf for writing and editing collaborations.


Another key aspect of our online delivery model is the Torhea Online Learning Hub (OLH). Similar to Blackboard for College students, the OLH has a set of features that enhance the education experience.


Covers the entire research-based learning process and offers automated online training on the fundamentals.


Builds a learning ecosystem by enabling easy online interactions and discussions among students, professors, and TA's. 


Creates a platform for real-time feedback and comments from professors on students' knowledge and research projects.

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